Tuesday, June 16, 2009


hi..im now in the office.nothin much to do. well tday not much to write about..coz im not in the mood of writing. im just starting to create my family tree. i just knew bout it after reading rinie's blog... as my family at my father's side is really big i can tell they are all over the world...malaysia,s'pore,indonesia,arab saudi,yamen,holland,australia. so i really thnk geni will help us to know each other and keep connected.

Monday, June 15, 2009

tired mode

i am so late to work. lastnite was a long nite for me...rania couldn't sleep after she woke up for her milk..then she got back to sleep again at 5.00 am..biasnya she will sleep after i sing a few song of her fav. abc,123 and alif ba ta. but last nite eventho im tried to nyanyi die still nagis thought she wants some milk tp mulut cam menolak2 then i tried again to sing along with her music book. after a few minutes tu then baru die tido. im so exhausted dah la yesterday was a hectic day for me.. early in morning have to woke up nak send my inlaw kat airport, diorang pi travel tour Europe..bestnye! the nite before tu we were at inlaw house coz diowang pergi quite lame jugak 1 month. so got back from their house around 1 am. after balik je nak kene tidokan rania amik mase jugak. that the reasons y im late to office today! even now my head still pening2..hush. i wish im on leave today..tp after dah masuk balik kerja after habis maternity leave ni susah skit nak amik cuti plus i need cuti end of this month nak pi wed rahar kat sarawak. plus jugak me baru je naik gaji..kene tunjuk rajin2 to my father. psal pergi sarawak ni..i thought of bring rania with me..my parent n inlaw cam tak kasi they said it's too dangerous to bring baby coz of h1n1 and el nino..but still i didnt make any decision yet. i really want she come along..but when pk psal h1n1 and el nino kesian plak kat die if jadi apa2. tah..tak tau...

my first time

what should i write..should i say hi or just write what ever i feel to write. anyway i just wanna say thanks to rifhan for inspiring me to have my own blog..even though i never think of having my own one day. i dunno y..but truly after read rifhan's writing i feel i wanna write something about my life, esp. about my lil' one, iman rania. i guess i've to stop now..mummy called asking me to buy ikan pari kat pasar for tonight's bbq.